Epistle from our 2015 Yearly Meeting

Our Epistle to Friends everywhere, from Belgium & Luxembourg Yearly Meeting, 9-11 May 2015

Thirty-eight of us have come together as a Yearly Meeting. It is a rare event for so many of us to be able to be together, scattered as we are across Belgium and Luxembourg. We were pleased to be joined by Friends from France and Britain Yearly Meetings, and to have seven children amongst us.

Under the guidance of Helen Meads and Andrea Freeman we explored our theme ‘Leaning into the Silence, Leaning into the Light’. For six hours in stillness and in silence, we took part in meditation, making collages and worship sharing. We have begun to glimpse the power and potential of opening ourselves up, and allowing ourselves truly to see, and then ‘Let the Light do the work’ that needs to be done.

We were introduced to some ideas from ‘Experiment with Light’ and have sought to ‘Mind the Light’, to open our hearts to Truth, to wait in the Light and to accept what it may show us.

Light and dark have been key words, in their different meanings. We had rich and varied experiences; of illumination and insight, as well as struggles. Making collage has allowed young and old to experiment with a new and creative way of crystallising and expressing our deepest reflections. Children led all of us in intuitive play activities and finding our sense of fun and joy.  In Meeting for Worship outdoors in the spring sunshine we were reminded of early Friends.

During the weekend we learned we could be flexible and pragmatic, whilst maintaining our enthusiasm. We take a new sense of experimentation into our worship.

Holding the stillness, maintaining the silence – even at coffee times and meal times: this has challenged us, but also allowed us to grow in our knowledge of one another, and of the Spirit within. Our challenge, now, is to apply these insights to deepen our worship and action in the world.


On behalf of Belgium and Luxembourg Yearly Meeting

Kate Macdonald, Clerk

Chloe Tan, Assistant Clerk


The 2016 Yearly Meeting will take place on 10-12 June, at Maldegem Youth Hostel, Belgium.